How I Collect Your Info

I get your information in three possible ways.

  1. Wix collects site analytics.

  2. I will get your email if you subscribe for updates.

  3. I will get your name and email if you RSVP to an event.

How I Will Use Your Info

Basically, if you subscribe, my plan is to bother you by email with all my thoughts that I think are clever enough to be thrust on the world in a blog post, podcast, or whatever other medium. You may also get other updates about the book, my related work, or upcoming events.

If you RSVP to an event, I plan to send you info about that event.

Regarding the site analytics, I mainly just look at those to gloat to friends ("I got 10 visits this week! What did you accomplish?"). Maybe I might improve the site too.

How I Will Not Use Your Info

I will not sell your info and I will not spam you, no matter how tempted I am!

How Your Info is Protected

This site was created with Wix. They store your info behind a WALL OF FIRE! Cool, eh?

Jokes aside, I do not take additional security steps so please be aware that we are both relying on Wix.

How You Can Withdraw Consent

Please email me at subject line "Enough Already!" and I will take you off my contact list.

Privacy Policy Subject to Change

I reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time, in the middle of the night, during lunch, whenever. So please always have a tab open with this privacy policy on it and refresh frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website.

Since you may have better things to do with your life than keep up-to-date with this policy, I will let you know by email if anything substantial changes, so that you are aware of what information I collect, how I use it, and under what circumstances, if any, I use and/or disclose it. 


Please email me at, subject line "What Are You Talking About?" I will also accept "Who Do You Think You Are?" or "What Gives You The Right?"