Hi! My name is Benjamin Miller. I wrote the 100 Year PR Plan because I see nonprofits all around trying to change the world in fundamental ways but only planning 3-5 years ahead. Why am I the guy to help you think about the next 100 years? 

I try to combine the rigours of some of today's leading scholars in political theory with the practicality of someone who has spent the last 5 years working with small to medium size nonprofits.

I completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s in political theory at the University of Ottawa where I developed an interest in campus clubs and by extension grassroots civil society organizations. This led me to pursue a law degree and master’s of public policy at the University of Toronto where I focused on charity and non-profit law and co-founded the Charity Law Interest Group. Since 2017, I have served the non-profit sector through legal and policy research, advice, and education at Community Legal Education Ontario, the Ontario Nonprofit Network, and other organizations. What all these experiences taught me was the constraints nonprofits have to work within and those they don't need to accept.

My writing has been featured in publications including The Philanthropist, Policy Options, Canadian Lawyer, and University Affairs

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