• Benjamin Miller

Not Willing to Change Tactics or Goals? Understand Your Ecosystem

Fundamental to evaluating success is understanding whether your particular strategy is even capable of achieving the specific objectives you have in mind. It can be difficult after years and years of not achieving one's objectives to know whether it's because one could be doing what one does better, one's tactics simply aren't capable of producing that result, or the result we're looking for is impossible.

If you're in this position, ask yourself the following two questions.

  1. What can your tactics reliably produce?

  2. What does that product fit into the broader effort for change?

Just asking the first question is a classic step towards building one's metrics to suit what one can do (neither effective evaluation nor programming necessarily). But combining the first question with a broader sense of how and why one's efforts fall short of delivering the desired results, and who and what would be needed to make up the gap, is a step towards a more ecosystem approach.

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